Pallet Pullouts

Ergopal pallet pull-outs: For ergonomic goods removal and order picking

Our pallet pull-outs enable ergonomic and fast picking and also increase the number of your picking stations with the same floor space. Pallet pull-outs are placed next to each other on existing beams and bolted together, mounted on the floor or hung directly in the pallet rack upright. In addition to standard pallet pull-outs, special pull-outs for heavy and special goods are also available on request, e.g. heavy machine parts, casting and injection molding tools.

Your advantages: 

Pallet pull-outs for support

These pallet pull-outs can easily be used with existing pallet racking.
To do this, they are placed on the existing crossbars of your pallet racking and bolted to the crossbar in the rear area.
Available with 70% or 100% pull-out and thus enable ergonomic and quick access to your pallet from 3 sides.



Pallet pull-outs for floor mounting

Pallet pull-outs free-standing on feet for loading with pallet and forklift trucks Ball-bearing feet at the front and supports at the rear of the pallet pull-out enable a large pull-out capacity and make the pallet pull-out easy to handle.

The free space of 100 mm under the pallet drawer also allows the use of a claw stacker. Alternatively, it can also be used for mounting directly on the hall floor.