Pallet Inverter

Ergopal Pallet Inverter: revolutionizing the handling and storage of goods

At ergopal, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art stationary and mobile pallet turners and pallet changers. These machines will redefine your efficiency and safety in goods handling and storage.

Our carefully designed pallet turners and pallet changers have been developed for a wide range of industries and applications. They are designed to meet the unique challenges of transporting and storing goods on pallets.

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Pallet turner with one clamping plate

The ergopal pallet turners with a clamping plate are characterized by an intelligent and minimalist design. They are the most economical choice for the right application.

The machine is loaded using a forklift truck and the goods are pressed and turned using a clamping plate. These pallet turners are the ideal choice for companies that handle pallets with evenly distributed loads by forklift truck.


For pallet height

( 914 - 1600 mm)


For pallet height

( 914 - 1880 mm)


For pallet height

( 1200 - 2200 mm)


For pallet height

( 1270 - 2500 mm)

Pallet turner with two clamping plates

The ergopal pallet turners with two clamping plates are characterized by an intelligent design to handle a wide range of load sizes and forklift trucks.

This makes them the ideal choice for companies that use a variety of industrial trucks, from hand pallet trucks to forklift trucks, and also have varying pallet heights and weights.


For pallet height

( 762 - 2794 mm)


For pallet height

( 584 - 2311 mm)


For pallet height

( 635 - 2311 mm)

Specialty Pallet Inverter

Ergopal's specialty pallet turners offer unparalleled versatility for unique goods handling requirements. Within this category, we offer both mobile pallet turners and stainless steel pallet turners, each designed for specific requirements.


For pallet height

( 650 - 2000 mm)


For pallet height

( 390 - 1800 mm)

Mobile pallet turner

Safe and efficient pallet change or replacement of damaged goods on the pallet base, directly at the point of use. Use our mobile pallet inverter like a regular industrial truck and drive the machine directly to the place of use in the warehouse and production. There is no need for additional factory traffic to the stationary pallet changer.


For pallet height

( 600 - 1500 mm)


For pallet height

( 550 - 2000 mm)


Maximum pallet height

2300 mm