PM-50 Pallet Dispenser


The PM-50 pallet magazine from Ergopal requires very little power and is the future of efficient and sustainable pallet management. This innovative device can hold up to 50 pallets and dispenses a pallet every 10 seconds. The PM-50 has a footprint of 2133 x 213 mm, maximizing space in your warehouse and eliminating the need for manual pallet handling.


Technical data

Additional information


Red, Black

Pallet size

1000 mm x 1200 mm, 800 mm x 1200 mm

Quantity pallets

50 pallets

Weight capacity

1360 kg

Cycle time

10 seconds

Why choose this pallet magazine?

The PM-50 is the smart choice for companies looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly pallet management solution. Its versatile design can handle wood, plastic, steel and aluminum pallets and offers adaptability to different materials. With its compact footprint, the PM-50 optimizes your storage space, streamlines pallet retrieval, reduces manual labor and increases operational efficiency while contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. The PM-50 is a forward-thinking, cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution to your pallet management needs.