PW-16SC Pallet Inverter

PW-16SC Pallet Inverter

The PW-16SC is our smallest clamp-opening pallet turner, ideal for handling packaged goods, super sacks and uniform loads. This pallet turner is forklift compatible and is your solution for efficient and space-saving goods handling. Choose Ergopal if you are looking for a reliable, compact and powerful pallet turner that meets your individual requirements.


Technical data

Additional information


1500 kg, 2000 kg, 2500 kg

Maximum load height

1600 mm

Minimum load height

914 mm

Clamp table size

1320 x 1270 mm

Changes per hour

30 Change


Pushbutton, lever

Loading / Unloading

Load forklift truck

Degree of rotation

180 degree

Power supply


Motor size



2-component epoxy

Why choose this pallet inverter?

The Ergopal PW-16SC, our smallest stationary pallet inverter, is the optimal choice for companies looking for efficiency, versatility and space-saving solutions. Despite its smaller footprint, this pallet turner is suitable for a wide range of load types, sizes and weights. By reducing handling costs, minimizing product damage and optimizing warehouse utilization, the PW-16SC results in long-term cost savings. The PW-16SC is forklift compatible and can handle your loads with ease and efficiency. Choose the PW-16SC and experience a smarter, more efficient and space-saving solution to your freight handling needs. Ergopal's commitment to quality and innovation ensures you get the best-in-class pallet truck for your business.