Pallet magazines

Ergopal pallet magazines: Ergonomic, safe and efficient handling of empty pallets

Pallet magazines from ergopal are the epitome of versatility in pallet management.

Our standard size pallet dispensers are available in configurations for 15, 25, 35 or 45 pallets and offer you a range of options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you are faced with standard pallet sizes or special requirements, we have the right solution for you.

Ergopal also offers special pallet magazines that are two pallets deep, increasing your storage capacity and efficiency.

And for those looking for seamless integration into their existing processes, we offer dispensers that are tailor-made for inline and automation applications.

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PM-Mass pallet magazine

Our pallet magazines in the Mass series are specially designed for warehouse and production environments with high pallet turnover. The modular design enables adaptation to your on-site conditions. The standard versions of the PM-Mass offer space for 15, 30 and up to 45 pallets and are available for both Euro and industrial pallets. Other magazine heights are of course possible.

The PM-Mass is operated intuitively by the user at the control panel on the front. There, the user sets the stacking or destacking and the machine is ready for your work order. The lifting and lowering movement of the pallet stack is performed by a synchronized spindle drive on both sides. This ensures high capacity utilization at a constant speed.

PM-Mech pallet magazine

Our pallet magazines in the Mech series are environmentally friendly, have a purely mechanical design and are operated using a pallet truck or forklift. The PM-Mech is operated intuitively by the user. Depending on the model, storage / stacking or dispensing / destacking of individual pallets is possible. The lifting or lowering movement of the industrial truck enables the movement of the mechanism and either picks up the pallet from the forks or dispenses a pallet onto them.

Both versions allow you to refill or remove entire stacks in a single work step.
Modular design adapts to your needs. Depending on the model variant, the PM-Mech offers space for up to 30 pallets and is available for both Euro and industrial pallets.

Standard pallet magazine

Ergopal's standard pallet magazines are the ideal solution for efficient and hassle-free pallet management. Available in three standard sizes for 15, 25, 35 or 45 pallets, these dispensers are designed to simplify your logistics operations. They ensure easy access to pallets, minimize manual labor and streamline workflow, making them a valuable addition to any warehouse or facility. Ergopal's commitment to quality ensures that our standard pallet dispensers are built to last, providing reliability and performance you can count on.

Specialty Pallet Dispenser

Whether you need a dispenser for standard or non-standard pallet sizes, need to take into account a power supply restriction or want to handle specific quantities - we have the right one for you.

Our commitment to precision and innovation ensures that your pallet dispenser fits seamlessly into your workflow, improving your logistics processes and saving you time and effort.