EGPD 002

EGPD 002

Pneumatic pallet stacker / dispenser with compressed air connection
EGPD 002(1)

Automatic pallet stacking and dispensing by means of a touch screen located on the side of the Palomat. It registers the pallets via photo sensor and then they are stacked or dispensed one by one according to the user’s needs. Requires compressed air connection.

The operator enters or removes the pallets by means of a pallet truck or forklift. All handling is done at ground level. The ergopal pallet dispenser detects the pallets through a photo sensor and then they are stacked or dispensed one by one. When dispensing is selected, a stack of no more than 15 or 25 pallets is inserted and then automatically dispensed one by one. When stacking is selected, pallets are fed in one by one until a stack of 15 or 25 pallets is obtained. The entire stack can be removed. The ergopal EGPD002 is only operated manually using the touch screen when changing between stacking and dispensing or vice versa.

The ergopal pallet dispenser is a standard pallet magazine but with many possibilities when it comes to pallet types and sizes. We can offer you tailor-made solutions.


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